kojacy said: Hey

Ok so we’ve been following each other for idek how long now and we dont even have the same blog types really but i feel the need to continue following you bc i like seeing you around. Like the one time we talked that night, that was really nice and you’re a really relaxing, cute person to talk to if that makes sense. and omg you draw so good and they’re always so cute. i love looking at your art blog sometimes just to look at it all. Also i envy your face and hair bc both are absolutely stunning and i think it would be really really nice if we talked again! ^_^

tenrna said: hey!!!

OMG OK SCARLET you are such a ray of sunshine you are so excitable and happy all the time and it just puts me in a good mood. i’ve been following you for like 2+ years i think? and i’ve enjoyed every second of it. whenever i talk to you i just immediately feel happier or like a weight was lifted off of me. you just have this nice personality and i would love to talk to you more if you have a cellphone or something bc I LOVE YOU!! ALWAYS 

561992 said: hh h hey howdy

Baekhyun. that is the first word that pops into my head when i think of you. i’m pretty sure i’ll never meet someone with such a passion for him like you do and it’s kinda cute if you ask me. also you just have such a nice, bubbly personality from what i’ve seen!! we haven’t talked all that much…only occasionally but really i feel like we’re friends in a way. if that makes sense. anyways i rlly hope we can talk more bc i love seeing you around on twitter :’^)

mm7h said: hey ;^)

MEGHAN!! meg….i love you. you are literally the greatest thing to ever happen to me. when we met back in like 6th grade i never expected to get this close to you. i remember when i started crushing on you i was like “wtf why am i liking a girl she’ll probably hate me if i confess!” and then cameron just popped that balloon and i still remember how happy i was when i found out you liked me back!! i’m still really happy you like me back!! i’m looking forward to spending a long time with you. i have so many memories with you and i cant wait to make more ;_; ily

tachibanamakoto said: HEY DADDY

OK U WERE ACTUALLY THE REASON I WANTED TO DO THIS CAUSE YEah. ok so idk where to begin with you. i dont really remember when we met? but it was like last year i think and we didn’t get along for a while cause i did a dumb thing but now we’re cool again and i’m so glad!! literally ever since i started talking to you i’ve enjoyed getting on my laptop every day. there’s always something hilarious going on with you and im not joking when i say you’re probably one of the funniest ppl i know. um…idk you’re just a ball of energy and life and i like your laugh a lot it’s so cute omfg.

so yeah. ily sooo much and i’m so glad we’re friends now <3